David Lillie Testimonial

A testimonial from a very happy customer of ours:

PromColCo:   A++

We had our first Plush character, Whip of the Dreamkeepers series, produced through PromColCo. Going in I didn't know what to expect, since we'd never tried Plush before. PromColCo made it all happen seamlessly.  

We submitted a model sheet for our character, and they worked with us to provide constructive feedback on what would be realistic and cost effective from a manufacturing standpoint. This resulted in a first prototype,  which came out looking exactly how we asked. Seeing it in person, we wanted to make a couple of tweaks, and PromColCo implemented them flawlessly on a second prototype.

From there, we paid for the production run, and a few months later, the full shipment arrived. We never had to worry about coordinating with the factory, or how the shipping would work- PromColCo handled the details and made it simple for us.  
The units came out great- they matched the prototype exactly! I couldn't have dreamed of a better outcome. PromColCo even went so far as to assist us in fulfilling customer orders.

Throughout the entire process they were professional, flexible, responsive, and effective.  I plan to use PromColCo the next time we have plush or related crowdfunding, and based on my experience I can recommend them to other creators without reservation.

-David Lillie
Vivid Publishing

We thank you very much for the glowing review, David, and hope to provide similar service to everyone else we do business with!

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